Important Details

Inside the offices there is a convenient system of suspended floors and stretch ceilings, which allows you to quickly and easily adapt the office to the needs of a particular client.

Design and Comfort

The complex conveniently combines commercial premises, modern offices and apartments with panoramic glazing and excellent views of the sea, the mountains and the city.

Electricity Conversion

Solar panels on the facade of the building generate electricity, which allows you to significantly save on electricity consumption.

Engineering and Technologies

The building is equipped with light-absorbing glazing, high ceilings, modern central air conditioning and a ventilation system, high-speed panoramic elevators and open verandas overlooking the sea, the city and the mountains.

Underground Parking

2-level underground parking with polyurethane epoxy coating for 150 cars with a total area of 5000 m2.

Ground Floor

The ground floor with a comfortable lounge and a secretary, a shop of exclusive furniture and home decorations as well as a lounge area for a café or a restaurant.

Apparent Advantages

Cutting-edge vision in the design of business class commercial areas. From the top floors of the center you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, the sea and the city.

Characteristics of the Building

The floor space is penetrated by a balcony atrium and an elevator shaft with panoramic glazing, as well as two flights of stairs located on both sides of the elevator hall. Each floor has large balcony areas with open verandas.